Great Saves Goalie Pad Elastic Strap Toe Tie Down System. These tie downs are made with heavy duty elastic straps and a velcro system to replace old style tie down laces.

This tie down system very easily attaches to the toe bridge that is already on most goalie pads. Simply use a lace that will be included with your purchase and tie knots as seen in the pictures to attach the tie downs. Please note: this sale price only includes the tie downs, not the white toe bridges. The toe bridges are sold separately.

  • Durable synthetic TechnoFlex material and velcro, with heavy duty elastic straps.
  • Elastic strap length is approximately 10.5”, plus an additional 1.5” with the velcro lock system after the elastic strap (see photo.)
  • The elastic strap allows the flexibility to be used with most all skate sizes, both kids & adults.
  • To attach, simply criss cross the two elastic straps under the middle opening in your skate blade and secure the velcro attachment on the top of your skate laces (see photo).
  • Sold as a pair (2).
  • Available in Black and White. Manufactured here in the USA by Great Saves.

Goalie Pad elastic strap toe Tie Downs